Aggregate Supply Company in Weyburn

LD Allan Enterprises offers several Aggregate and Supply Services to complete projects of any scale for commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. We provide 24 hour service to get your project done at a time that’s convenient for your business operations. We accommodate same day service by special request whenever possible. Our advanced dispatching capabilities keep every job organized and running smoothly.

Oilfield Construction


We provide oilfield construction services for companies of any size. These services include lease building, reclamation, road building, and laying pipeline sand. When you have a property in need of preparation for oilfield operations, LD Allan Enterprises is your go-to team of professionals that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Road Construction

Highway Construction

We are well-experienced with time sensitive projects involving road construction, and we are able to work on specialized expansion projects on major roads. We have been involved with the construction of new roads, along with many widening improvements with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Transportation, as well as local municipalities.

We provide base and AC material as well. Base is a mix of gravel, sand and clay which is used for finishing a road as it packs well and gives it a firm structural base, normally for the application of asphalt cement (A/C). It has a smooth, firm, compacted finish.

AC Materials – Is a mixture of materials required for an asphalt mix. The exact mix varies by project as the engineer puts out specific specs. We can produce any specs. This material is a mix of fine and coarse material.

A definition is really difficult as the materials can vary a great deal depending upon the use. The normal process is that we provide a sieve of the material based on the specs provided.

Major Excavations

Large Excavation

We are capable of moving large volumes of dirt within an exceptional time frame, due to our CAT dozers, excavators, and rock trucks. Whether you’re a private property owner preparing to build a new home, a land developer who needs to prepare the soil for foundation installation, or a municipal organization working on a public property, LD Allan Enterprises can complete the work you need quickly with the highest quality results.

Aggregate Productions

Capable of effectively managing the total process of aggregate production from extraction to processing, we employ and train valuable personnel to produce a superior product. We have the necessary equipment in our inventory, including a Kenworth trucking fleet, crushing operations, and 2 screening operations. We provide base and AC material as well.

Site Development

Site Clearing

Our successful site development services rely on our extensive pre-construction planning, logistics, management, and experience. Grading, excavations, clearing, and grubbing are completed with our reliable excavators, trucks, dozers and packers within your specified timeframe and budget.

With LD Allan Enterprises, the possibilities are nearly endless. We will work with you to come up with a detailed plan for your property needs. Contact Us to get started with a consultation and estimate.

Sawdust Supply

Our sawdust is deal for adding to drilling fluids and drilling mud, well fluids and for spills or mixing with drill cuttings. Our sawdust wood fines are dried to an average of 10% or less assuring that they will mix well and absorb moisture properly.

Rig Mud Hauling

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